Covering All the Bases

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"For baseball newcomers, Stan Curtis provides a handy history of baseball architecture. For longtime fans, he invokes pleasant memories of long-forgotten cathedrals of the game."
– David Barron, Houston Chronicle sports writer

"If you love baseball, you will love Stan Curtis's Covering All The Bases as he wanders through baseball history and lore while visiting fifty-three stadiums, old and new. . . . I enjoyed the memories as you will too."
– Phil Garner, Retired player and manager

Stan 'the Man' Curtis has "a unique understanding of the wonderful history of our game. . . . [He has] captured what is so remarkable about our sport."
– Bud Selig, Commissioner of Baseball

"I've seen ballparks from the inside looking out. Stan Curtis sees it the other way around. . . . It's a lot fun. Read on."
– Larry Dierker, Retired Astros manager and broadcaster